Taken from the Airgun Artisans web site:



May 1, 2007: I wanted to take a moment and try to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the love and support you gave Jane and I during her illness. It meant so much to us.

 Jane's passing...although expected...affected me much more than I had thought it would, and I don't know what I would have done without the love and support of my family and friends. And I appreciate those who signed the web guest book. A special thanks to Scott Sumida, Larry Rollins and James Levach who put the word out when I could not.

Also, thanks to Ralph Brown, Steve Corcoran, Dan Nelson, Larry Rollins, Roy Weid, Klayton Kidd, Alan Schweitzer, David Enoch, Ron Sauls, Tim Smith, Tim Miller, Greg Fuller, Robert Jones, Calvin Lewis, Max Balbuena, Paul Bishop, Ernie (Eyeball) Fuentes, Steve in CT, Theodore Summers, Mike Parker, Randy Mitchell, Joben, Joe Airgunman, Art Braden, Scot Laughlin, Rick Andres, Hoyt Vandenberg, Robert Werner, Dennis Reardon and all the great guys who showed their support not only when Jane died, but during her fight with her illness. Thank all of you for the cards, emails, flowers and phone calls.

For those who do not know...Jane was my wife of 26 years. She died on April 18th after fighting first lung, then brain cancer. She was a wonderful wife and mother and we were all with her when she passed away. She will be dearly missed.

People are always asking me how I can have such good friendships with people I have never met? I don't know the answer...but after the last couple of weeks I am more convinced than ever that airgun people are the best friends one could ever hope to have. God bless all of you. - Joel Lively